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Our Process


Comprehensive design development & preconstruction services. Expert plant design from GSky’s in-house horticultural design team. Living green wall shop drawings by GSky.


Custom, turn-key living green walls with installation by GSky. Fully installed living green wall systems that are beautiful and vibrant on day 1.


Maintenance programs by GSky with plant replacement guarantees & system warranties. Expert maintenance preserves living green walls as beautiful and long-lasting centerpieces.


GSky® provides living green spaces to the everyday places where people live, work & play, worldwide, through biophilic design and GSky’s service and full suite of living green wall products. Biophilic design products and services that enhance the environmental and psychological benefits of plants and plant life, a remedy for a world with increasing urbanization and growing populations.


GSky® is a product development company offering solutions to the challenge of installing and maintaining plants on vertical structures. GSky® provides more than just living green wall systems. GSky offers all-inclusive and fully turn-key living green wall packages that support our clients from start to finish, offering industry-leading expertise at each stage of the process. We have created a global network of partners, suppliers, and plant sources that enable us to provide serviceable and lasting living green walls for our clients across 1000’s of sites, worldwide.

We develop solutions to obstacles and create opportunities to better the health & well-being of people everywhere—in the places that they live, work and play. Versatile. Reliable. Proven.

Greening the Built Environment

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